You Can Be Growing Roses From Cuttings With These 3 Easy Methods

You Can Be Growing Roses From Cuttings With These 3 Easy MethodsRoses are highly popular these days and they are quite easy to propagate especially by growing roses from cuttings. Taking cuttings is, in fact, considered as the most economical and easiest method to generate new rose plants. There are 3 commonly used cutting methods: The Mason Jar Method, Potting Process and The Stick in the Ground Method, all explained here.

The Mason Jars Method. This method is fairly easy and has been widely used for many years. Start out by cutting a stem from a rose bush and then take all the leaves off it. Plant this naked piece of stem, or cutting as it is called, into the ground. Place an empty mason jar over it and water thoroughly all around the jar so that the stem remains moist and elastic. Growth can be seen after four or six weeks. *Mason jars are glass preserving jars.

The Stick in the Ground Method. Just like the Mason Jar Method, this method is also relatively easy and has also been in use for a long time. Select a disease free young healthy green stem that has just stopped blooming. Using a clean pair of really sharp cutting sheers or a sharp blade cut off a piece of the stem at a 45-degree angle of about a half foot long. Plant the stem in a couple of inches of very well hydrated soil in a sunny area. To ensure it stays upright press the soil around the stem gently but firmly down. Make sure to check often and to water thoroughly keeping the moisture up all the time. Thus stimulate new growth optimum health.

The Potting Process Method. This can be accomplished by using small, clay garden pots about 2 inches in size. Fill each pot with potting soil mixed with perlites which encourage root growth. Place rose stem cuttings in the mixture then put the pots in a spot with abundant sunlight. Water often and keep an eye on them as they begin growing small leaves.

To make sure you are successful take at least 5 to 10 cuttings as not all cuttings will necessarily survive. Growing roses from cuttings is an easy, fun way of getting more rose plants. It is best to do this job during early summer when the roses are actively growing. Just add sunlight, daily, ample water and care and new growth will be visible in four to six weeks.