Fake Banyan Trees

Larger artificial banyan trees are made to be used outdoors on patios, docks, and near swimming pools for a realistic look without needing the real banyan trees. The outdoor artificial banyan trees are made with a high-grade plastic that has UV protection so that the green leaves and brown trunk will not fade in the sunlight.

These artificial outdoor banyan trees are made with a trunk and leaves that move gently with the breeze. In addition, the outdoor artificial trees cover an extensive area that makes the trees look even more realistic. The artificial banyan trees manufactured for use outdoors can be placed in large tree pots or planted in the sand.

Outdoor artificial banyan trees are created in many sizes and may be up to 16 feet tall. The top section of the outdoor artificial banyan tree can be up to eight feet wide. An additional fun accessory for the artificial banyan trees is a realistic bunch of fake banyan trees.

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