People really appreciate doing whatever they can to bring the outdoors inside (particularly during the winter months!), but whenever they had too many real plants indoors for any period, they most often had a problem with tiny plant flies and bugs that made day-to-day living more of a hassle.

Turning to a mix of faux Agave plants and flowers seems like a good option, but you really have to do your homework. You will learn so much about the artificial plant and flower market. We created this website to invite people to our range of top quality artificial Agave plants online. After a while, people have asked us for tips, and we kept up on the latest products (which keep developing) and add them to our website from time to time.

Occasionally in our travels we see how corporate spaces use fake plants in their decor, and it helps us know how to use large artificial plants in big spaces. Also, sometimes we hear from people who live in homes with vaulted ceilings. Those splendid rooms can look pretty bare without a good artificial plant or two, and so we’re always on the lookout for the best.

We try to get inside information about where to purchase at wholesale prices (lots of businesses know this information, and some locations are better than others) or what chain stores are best for a variety of Agave plant quality grades. We also want to tell you which places to avoid so you don’t end up with poor quality Fake Agave plants.

Let us know how you use plastic Agave plants in your space. We may be able to provide you with the perfect quality fake plants for sale.

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