Artificial bamboo trees are a great, fun thing to have around the house. They are a great conversation starter/ice breaker for when you have guests round, as everyone is always intrigued to find out what kind of plant it is and if it’s real or not. After hearing about fake bamboo trees, many people often go away intrigued, and I have known several of my guests to have gone out and bought one for themselves after seeing how it really brightens up my home.

Another use for fake bamboo trees is in the garden. Growing actual real bamboo is quite a tough task, and it can often lead to misery from disappointment. Since you need the weather to be right, there’s not much you can do. Instead, many people use fake bamboo in their garden. With little or no difference between the two (looks-wise), you can easily ingratiate artificial bamboo trees into your plethora of wildlife and plants that your garden holds.

People often use artificial bamboo trees in movies where the need for a plant to sustain its life is vital. Since we can make films over several months, a normal plant might not last it out and could die. Since continuity required in filmmaking is so high, and might make or break a film, most movie makers like to use fake plants. You can buy a fake plant, set up a scene, and film a few shots. You can then come back weeks or months later, safe in the memory that none of the scene will have changed from the first time you were filming. That is the benefit of having artificial trees and plants.

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