Superb artificial lemon tree that looks like the real one! This artificial lemon tree designed for indoors, delivered fixed in a plastic pot, has a wooden trunk, a tufted green foliage in polyester shape memory and a few lemons in polystyrene.

This artificial lemon tree is presented in an original format with a multiple trunk in natural wood, giving it a bushy look. Its colourful foliage and polystyrene fruits bring a touch of shimmering colour.

There is no shortage of ideas to achieve an original and colourful decoration with this artificial fruit tree. Combine some faux citrus, orange and lemon trees for a Provencal-style indoor garden. We offer a wide choice of artificial fruit trees with great realism. For a more sophisticated ornamental look, add some artificial foliage and branches and achieve a still life style.

If you want to place your lemon tree outside, provide an anti-UV treatment for polyester. Place your artificial lemon tree on a bed of small white pebbles surrounded by a few tufts of scattered herbs. Consult our catalog and find herbs and artificial grasses to finalize your decoration. You can also add a few styrofoam lemons at the base of the trunk to complete the illusion.

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