Artificial spiral tree will fit perfectly into your decoration and will bring a touch of greenery to your environment. This high-quality and very realistic artificial spiral tree does not require any special maintenance and has a long service life. Opt for a shrub – artificial spiral tree that will bring you greenery throughout the year.

Fake spiral tree

The spiral shape is one of the preferred forms of topiary art used especially in gardens. The search for perfection with clean lines is no longer reserved for a few courageous shear enthusiasts, everyone can exhibit a beautiful plastic spiral tree or a magnificent false spiral tree at his home or in his business, without maintenance constraints .

Spiral-cut faux spiral tree

There is something for all tastes and all situations. Mounted on large metal rods covered with pvc, or on real wood, the foliage is in pvc plastic for easier installation outdoors. Intended for outside or for inside, you will find false spiral tree important to adapt the diameter of the pot to the span of the base of the twisted trees.

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