When buying plants for your back garden (or if you have an enormous house), one plant (one tree) that’s selling like hot cakes is the one of the fake boxwood tower trees that has gone on sale online recently. People like these fake plants because they are easy to keep, require no work to maintain or keep, and they look visually stunning. They are also something different, and something that you can point to and show off when entertaining guests. We could say it that these fake trees are the ultimate ice breaker, as many people will ask about it or wonder what possessed you to get it.

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There’s something about a boxwood tower tree–it has a certain magical, relaxing quality about it that makes us think of a paradise island somewhere far off, where all of our troubles have disappeared. Many people often fantasise about being on a far-off island, and many films often exploit this common fantasy by using fake boxwood tower trees.

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