Triple Ball Artificial Boxwood Topiary Trees 4ft/120cm – Best Quality (Pack of 2)

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Brand: GreenBrokers

Color: Green


  • Premium quality, exceptionally lifelike and realistic
  • UV protected, suitable for both indoor & outdoor use
  • Sold as a pair (set of 2)
  • Height: 120cm/4ft
  • Look stunning planted up into large tubs placed either side of front doors or entrances

Package Dimensions: 330x1310x11120

Release Date: 07-03-2016

Details: Product Description

Pair of Premium Quality 4ft (120cm) Artificial Boxwood/Buxus Triple Ball Topiary Trees. Highly desirable artificial triple ball boxwood topiary trees measuring 120cm/4ft in height. Extremely lifelike and realistic looking, from a short distance it’s hard to believe they are not real. Easy and carefree alternative to real plants. Perfect if you don’t want the hassle or have the time to care for living plants. Real wooden tree trunk for more authentic and realistic look. 3 buxus/boxwood balls placed on the tree trunk in sizes: large at the bottom, medium in the middle and small at the very top. Supplied in a plastic pot with concrete filling to stabilize the base of the tree. They look absolutely fantastic either side of doorways, on the balcony or patio, shop fronts, offices and receptions, bars & restaurants as well as outdoor seating areas. For an extra stylish look, plant the trees up into large planters or tubs. Fill the bottom with a heavy material such as sand or stones to prevent the tree being blown over in strong winds. Then fill with a material that can be compacted such as ordinary soil up to the level you want the tree to sit in the planter. Place the tree in the middle and fill to the top and compact hard around the plastic pot and the base of the tree. Please note the trees are packed in cardboard cartons for maximum protection. The trees are lying down flat in the boxes which can cause the plastic foliage to be compressed and out of shape. The perfect shape can be regained by gently pulling and fluffing the foliage back into shape. Sold as a pair (2 trees per carton).

Safety Warning

Do not use for petrol. This product does not meet UK legal requirements for petrol storage containers

Box Contains

2 x Artificial Triple Ball Boxwood Topiary Trees

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