For a long time there’s been a debate amongst plant-lovers over outdoor artificial plants. Many think that they are pointless, and that using them in your garden is ‘cheating’, whereas others think they can take the hassle out of gardening, provide your garden with a look that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get and for older or less mobile people they are perfect as you don’t have to water them constantly.

They are also a nice item to give as a gift, as outdoor fake plants will remain there forever (or at least for a very long time) whereas ‘normal’ flowers will only last a few days. We particularly like giving these kinds of gifts to my relatives as we know that every time they look at them they’ll feel special.

There was a time when outdoor artificial plants didn’t look realistic and made your garden look worse. That’s no-longer the case, and these kinds of plants and shrubs have never looked more realistic, thanks to years of hard work and people continually improving them.

If you think you’ve never seen an artificial plant, then you are probably wrong, as they blend in so well to the surroundings you’d never know, and often you have to get up close to them and touch the leaves to realise that they are fake and are made of silk or some other material.

Most fake plants come in a separate plant pot, and you rarely (if ever) bury them in the ground. The places where you’ll most commonly see them are on windowsills, on outdoor tables or around a doorstep.

One of the best places to have them is on a patio table that you’d typically each at, as they don’t take up much space and (unlike other plants) won’t attract any insects or flies because of them not having any pollen or scents with attract these things.

Many people like to have outdoor artificial plants in the form of bamboo or cacti and this kind of thing is becoming more and more popular since people don’t have to water them and don’t have to pay a gardener to water them either.

In fact, the most famous type of fake tree is the Christmas tree, where over 50% of the population uses the same fake one year after year, as there’s no mess to clean up and no tree to buy each time. Instead, you put your tree back up in the loft or in your shed after using it and wait till next year.

One of the biggest advantages to using outdoor artificial plants is that when trying to recreate a famous flower, you can do so perfectly. Since they make most of them from silk, making a flower blossom to perfection is no-longer a difficulty, and is now something that can be seen all year round. You may also see different colours of silk flower together where you would only usually see one type.

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