High quality artificial cone trees, available in ultiple sizes, designed for indoor and outdoor decoration. The trunks are sometimes in natural wood and the reinforced foliage in polyethylene. Visually very similar to the real thing, they will require no maintenance to maintain their topiary shape.

These plastic artificial cone trees are of very high quality. Their resemblance to the natural trees are striking, and the finish is neat. Resistant to sunlight and weather, they are suitable for indoors and outdoors. You save yourself the maintenance of pruning. These artificial cone trees are available in a number of different sizes.

In large spaces, in workplaces, it can be used to guide movements, to hide unsightly places, to separate private spaces. Their cone shape allows you to structure your decoration while enhancing your spaces. The fake cone tree is shape memory so it can be worked to fine tune the shape of the tree.

The artificial cone tree blends very well with other topiary plants. Indeed, these artificial topiary trees are complementary to each other and allow to vary the models.

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