The artificial cherry tree, artificial tree, will fit perfectly into your decoration and will bring a zen touch to your environment. This artificial tree with high quality artificial flower, very realistic, does not require any special maintenance and has a long service life. Opt for an artificial tree with an artificial flower that will bring you greenery throughout the year.

It is in the spring that the artificial cherry blossom trees , commonly known as Japanese cherry trees, offer their exceptional flowering. It is also widely celebrated in Japan, because it marks the return of the beautiful days and symbolizes the ephemeral beauty of life. This festival is a ritual, called hanami, the Japanese meet under the cherry blossoms to have a family picnic. These beautiful trees offer a lot of variety as much in their form as in their flowering, a wonderful spectacle in your garden!

The artificial cherry blossom tree – The Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan

The time of flowering of the cherry tree in Japan, sakura , is sacred and gives rise to a ritual, the hanami, which literally means “to look at the flowers”. This unchanging ritual dates from the Heian period (794-1185), a key period in terms of culture and the arts. The cherry blossom then takes on a sacred meaning in Japan: it announces the time of planting rice and therefore the time of offerings to the kami (the gods). It is also the symbol of the transience of life, of the beauty of impermanence. This symbolism was widely used by the Samurai and during World War II, reincarnation in sakura was the gift reserved for men (bushi, warriors) who died in battle. Sakura is a national event in Japan, a real celebration. It is during the spring that it occurs, enchanting the parks and gardens for two weeks.

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