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Here at Fake Plants we supply a great range of high quality, realistic artificial house plants. All of our fake house plants are completely lifelike and agriculturally accurate. Fake Plants are the #1 shop for artificial plants and sell a nice range of high-quality, realistic fake indoor plants. Our faux plants are completely lifelike. At Fake Plants we’re known across the UK for our range of high quality synthetic plants that we offer, and our aim is to ensure that all of our fake plants for sale are accurate. We supply the very best authentic fake house plants throughout the UK.

Whatever your requirement, such as a fake plant for the bathroom, or a fake plant for the kitchen or bedroom, we have a product range to suit any place in your home. We have invested a lot of time to make sure we supply only the very best fake plants, instead of a cheap looking plants our faux plants are designed with the sole intention of looking 100% realistic. When you buy with Fake Plants, you will receive artificial plant products that will not just seem lifelike, but feel like the real thing.

If you are searching for no maintenance, longer-lasting fake plants bang on the button, then you are at the right fake plant shop. Our nice variety of fake plants for home decor are beautifully manufactured to reflect the texture and colour of their botanical relatives. Artificial plants may seem costly at first, but if you are not specifically green fingered or your house does not have the adequate spacing or lighting, you could spend more than you realise when replacing real plants.

Fake silk flower arrangement, rose & hydrangea  bamboo tree, bamboo palm, spider plant in hanging basket, robellini palm, palm trees  daisy basket, silk flowers and much, much more.

At fake plants we carry the internet’s finest selection of HIGH QUALITY artificial plants and silk trees, artificial trees, silk palms, artificial flowers, silk & artificial plants, and artificial arrangements.

As our name fake plants implies, we specialise in silk trees and artificial trees to help decorate and brighten any home or office.  Please browse through our catalog of quality faux plants, artificial palms, artificial plants and silk flowers. We would be more than happy to help you select the perfect artificial tree, floor plant or arrangement for your home or office.

Tree container, ficus tree, 6′ ficus, orchid plant, banana tree, banana palm, dieffenbachia silk plant, hydrangea bush, flowering bushes – these are but a few of the product range on our website.

We carry a broad  selection of quality silk trees, artificial trees, and palms, silk plants, hanging baskets, ledge gardens, flowering bushes, tropical flowers, and silk flowers and arrangements.  To view our catalog of silk plants and trees simply click on the heading at the top of the page, or on any of the silk plant items pictured on this page.

Thank you for giving us here at Fake Plants the opportunity to serve you your artificial plants needs.

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