Artificial conifers include all firs, pines and spruces. The varieties presented imitate the so-called non-leafy shrubs and trees that have thorns on their branches. Generally used for the end-of-year celebrations, they are also used arranged as hedges or space separators, or even as a living room decoration with the small pinus bonsai tree. From Christmas trees to cedars, from white to dark green, from conical to topiary, the possibilities for decoration using our artificial conifers are endless.

Choosing an artificial conifer for a successful Christmas

The fir tree, king of Christmas evenings, is the worthy representative of artificial conifers. Whether you opt for the snowy white, mounted on a pair of intersecting logs available in several heights, for the one in a burlap bag imitating the conifer in a root ball or simply for the one on a tripod, you will make the choice of durability. All are fire-resistant and easily support decorations without the branches sagging. Other varieties imitate the species of Vancouver, the Canadians or the tall firs of our forests. The sizes vary from 35 cm to 180 cm.

Another way to decorate with artificial evergreens

When we talk about an artificial conifer, we often think of an artificial tree. If the reflex is legitimate, it is however forgetting the magnificent pinus trees superbly imitated with gnarled trunks in wood or fiberglass and long needles in very realistic polyethylene. The Austrian pine is not to be outdone with its straight wooden trunk surmounted by a magnificent ramification of branches forming a ball. So get started and create holiday decorations, which encourage escape and idleness with these fake conifers.

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