Fake Plants with years experience in providing real and artificial cedar trees to corporate and domestic clients around the world. You’ll just love our incredibly realistic plastic cedar trees, and of course you will definitely appreciate our consistently low prices. No other suppliers come even close the quality, range and value offered by faux cedar spiral trees, great for outdoor use.

Many of our clients ask us how stores manage to produce such realistic artificial cedar trees, and at such low prices. Well, to be fair, it’s not such a big secret, and the philosophy is simple; give the clients more than they expect and at a very fair cost, and they will be a customer for life.

To achieve this, many stores have buyers who traverse the globe, seeking plastic foliage that truly stands out; foliage so real it’s hard to tell the difference between live cedar trees and fake outdoor cedar trees.

Most of our artificial cedar trees and plants have been designed and crafted by top designers, who pay enormous attention to every small detail. They take everything into consideration in creating a masterpiece that’s hard to tell from the original; stem-and-leaf texture, colouring, markings, and accuracy in every detail. No wonder so many people mistake them as live specimens!

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