The artificial cypress tree is a very common ornamental tree in our gardens or on our terraces. Rather straight conical in appearance, our varieties of artificial cypress tree are very close to natural ones. You can plant them in a container in isolation or decide to create a breeze hedge, by aligning them. The ultimate faux outdoor tree, it’s up to you to choose the style of artificial cedar or plastic cypress tree that suits you best.

Artificial cypress trees for outdoors fake plants

In natural growth aspect such as simple green or yellow green cypress, false juniperus with fine foliage, more abundant lawson cypress, or in pruned topiary style such as spiral juniperus, ball cypress, juniperus hedges.

The cypress trees are all made of PE plastic, a compulsory material to make the perfect small details of the false foliage in 2D or 3D. Achievement upscale our shrubs cedar, Juniperus or cypress green feature beautiful in the darkest to yellow. A panel of colours and shapes that allows you to adapt the aesthetics to your exterior decoration.

All these synthetic items are delivered in a basic pvc jar, to allow them to fit well in your container. The trunks are in metal covered with pvc or in natural wood when they are visible. The foliage of artificial cypress is very resistant to UV rays , which gives it a good lifespan.

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