Our artificial hanging plants and artificial plant drops are ideal for decorating a balcony and creating drop effects on window sills. The artificial hanging plant is easily placed in a balcony box, thanks to its stake-shaped base.

The flexible metal frames present with the leafy stems, allows you to rework the visual aspect of the fake hanging plant according to your desires. Faux hanging plants can be arranged next to each other to create beautiful flower planters.

Artificial hanging plants are meant to be hung, to create a fall of green plants like ivy or a fall of flowering plants like ivy geranium.

These plastic hanging plants are designed to be shaped as desired and to be planted and replanted at will, by means of their base in the form of a stake.

Use a block of moss for their planting or a bed of white gravel or clay balls, and take full advantage of the polyester geraniums which offer cascades of flowers in tonic colours like the original plants.

The careful observation of the hanging plants highlights the quality of the work of restoring the appearance of the original plant.

Each detail is carefully reproduced: the stems or the lianas in fall are finely modelled. The leaves ribbed with delicacy, the flowers in tergal give naturalness to the whole plant.

The colours are in accordance with reality. The items offered are faithful copies and can easily compete with real plants.

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