The artificial olive tree or fake olive tree, sometimes called European olive tree, is a tree cultivated in regions with a Mediterranean climate for its fruit, the olive, which gives a sought-after oil.

There is no need to squeeze the olives here, no chance of harvesting the yellow gold, our artificial olive trees have other assets, they help create an atmosphere in the colours of the south in your home, your restaurant or your business, so that it is impossible to keep natural olive trees in it.

Careful manufacturing for beautiful artificial olive trees.

The south invites itself into the interiors thanks to our artificial olive trees similar to the real ones. They create an illusion thanks to an innovative concept and allow you to create a Mediterranean decor quickly without any maintenance constraints.

Each artificial olive tree is made of a real wooden olive tree trunk. The dense foliage comprises a multitude of polyester sheets whose appearance and colour are restored with a high degree of realism. Some fake polyethylene olives complete the reproduction. It becomes impossible at first glance to distinguish the true from the false.

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