The artificial ivy plant makes a very noticed entrance, thanks to an unequaled visual quality. The resemblance to the real one is amazing. Find out in this section with ivy falls, hanging ivy and fake ivy plants. The undeniable advantage of artificial ivy plants is that it bends to your requirements without becoming invasive, without damaging the support. The branches that compose it are made of a metal rod covered with coated tergal, which allows to model its silhouette.

Faux ivy plants are on the rise. In a pot or in the form of a stake, we offer a wide range to discover it. Whether you choose it as an artificial hedera with a variegated dress or even as a chain of hearts with its small decorative leaf scraps, or why not dressed in two-tone leaves such as the artificial tradescantia with its zebra leaves, you are assured of a beautiful quality of finish thanks to the use of polyester and tergal coated for the manufacture which gives the plastic ivy plant a great realism.

The quality of finish of the artificial ivies that we offer is excellent. Imitation of the foliage is neat with well-defined veins and nicely cut leaves with slightly bleached blades on the edge. Faux Ivy plants, this ivy is easy to set up with its stake shape, it does not require any maintenance, does not degrade the supports and is exposed indoors as well as outdoors. Artificial ivy can be found in all kinds of settings, to decorate tables or slipped into a plant painting.

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