Fake Palm Trees

What we like most about the fake palm trees is that they are completely hassle-free, as they require no work (such as watering or pruning) to sustain their healthy and appealing look. Many people find these types of palm trees difficult to tell apart from a regular tree, and that is a testament to their design and to all the work that the manufacturers put in. In addition, these plants can be moulded and shaped into original positions and poses, so you’ll never get bored with looking at the same one day after day.

Most artificial palm trees typically come in three sizes – 3 feet, 5 feet or 6 feet. They usually come in a little plant pot (as do most artificial plants) and they retain their beautiful flowering quality forever. The 3 foot plant weighs about 9kg, which is quite heavy, but when you consider that this includes the plant pot and the soil or dried moss, it doesn’t seem so much.

The 5 foot plant is a beautiful green. Though these trees are some of the more expensive artificial palm trees, it’s most definitely worth the cost as you’re getting something of extreme beauty – a real work of art. The trunk is made up of a special new material designed to look more lifelike than ever, and the effects certainly pay off dividends.

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