Fake Banana Trees

Indoor fake banana trees are made from silk and look very real. Often the silk leaves and other artificial banana tree materials are treated with UV protection so they will not fade in sunlight.

The trunks of the trees are made to look natural. Artificial indoor banana trees are in terra cotta flower pots that make them look as if they have been planted and are really live plants.

It is possible to place the tree in other types of plant pots or weaved baskets if the customer chooses. The artificial banana trees are available in different heights and are made proportionally to have a realistic banana tree dimension.

There are many varieties of banana trees in nature. Therefore, there are different varieties of artificial indoor banana trees that all look very realistic.

There are more different artificial indoor banana tree varieties available for purchase to use in homes, apartments, and business decor. Indoor artificial banana trees are available in sizes ranging between four feet tall and eight feet tall that are suitable for indoor use.

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