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Brand: SQLCF

Color: Onecolor


  • Artificial bonzai trees indoor conveying the symbols of harmony, balance, meditation and peace this ancient art form in feng shui is believed to bring good fortune to those who possess and take care of it. Bonsai tree artificial is aslo symbolizes wealth and noble accomplishment.
  • 1. Artificial tree bonsai, flexible design, no maintenance, like spring all year round, and realistic shape.
  • 2. Product size of the simulation tree: 31.49×7.87×21.67 (length×width×height)
  • 3. Simple and versatile style, the overall effect is simple and generous, and the details are exquisite.
  • 4. Imitate coniferous green plants to add color to the space. The artistic modeling of wooden root carving.

EAN: 9198670440415

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