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  • 【Does it has realistic coloured and textured?】 Yes. With beautifully detailed imitation stem and leaf design, the fake hanging plant look real. Comprises a single long stem split into multiple strands. Natural texture adds to the overall appeal. The color of green varies which makes it look more real.
  • 【Can you use this artificial hanging plants outdoors?】Sure. Made from durable UV resistant plastic, it can be used for outdoor decoration. It survive the rain, take the sunshine. Stay it’s shape and form. Look fabulous all year round.
  • 【Fake plants VS real plants?】 Real plants require pruning, watering, fertilizers etc, while fake hanging plants are so different: do not need water, manure, or trimming, only wipe the leaves down occasionally if they start to gather dust.
  • 【Brighten UP Everywhere】The applications are truly limitless both indoors and outdoors. These plastic hanging vines will look fantastic in your kitchen, garden, backyard, balcony, porch,fence. They are also perfect for a corner or window. Ideal for adding a splash of green to your home, office.
  • 【Does it includes the basket ?】Yes. Supplied with the basket which are flat at the back and self adhesive hook. so they can be easily hanging on the walls. Enjoy the look and feel of nature indoors and out!
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