PEVSCO Simulation Tree Bonsai Artificial Bonsai Tree Home Floor-to-ceiling Green Simulation Welcome Pine Bonsai Tree Living Room Office Large Decor Simulation Plant Artificial Bonsai Tree

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  • Easy to Assemble ,Fake Plant Décor indoor for Home,Office ,Commercial Area ,Party , Hotel ,Shop ,etc .
  • 1. The artificial bonsai tree is handmade and placed indoors to add color to the space, enhance the style of the home, and show the atmosphere of romantic life.
  • 2. Size+Material: (L×W×H) 27.5×11.8×63in, made of high-quality wrought iron, tree roots, artificial leaves, and cobblestone materials.
  • 3. The design of simulated pine leaves is natural and lifelike, adding a touch of vitality and strong ornamental.
  • 4. Natural root wood, natural growth, natural material, different shapes, each root branch shape and wood grain texture are different.

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