LMJ Artificial Green Plants Artificial Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Trees Fake Green Plants Landing Home Clothing Store Decorations (Size : 150cm)

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Brand: LMJ


  • Eucalyptus leaf is the national tree of Australia. It has high medicinal value and can treat many diseases, especially the effect of reducing pain and anti-inflammatory and hemostasis.
  • size: 90/120/150cm
  • Made of high-quality materials, non-toxic, odorless, durable, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.
  • There is no need to maintain or take care of it, immortal and unfailing, and can be seen everywhere in the home.
  • It is very suitable for display in your home, office or shop and any other place, bringing more realistic colors and organic style.

EAN: 5396535897969

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