kerryshop Simulation Tree Realistic Faux Cedar Bonsai Tree, Houseplant, Round Ceramic Flower Pot, Pebbles,Artificial Potted Artificial tree

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Brand: kerryshop

Color: Green


  • The benefit of artificial tree is that it adds a touch of greenery to your home while eliminating any need for giving it water or sunlight.
  • 1. Welcome pine means strength, peace, warmth and tolerance. This is a kind of bravery, with courage to push the limits, and also a symbol of peace and friendship.
  • 2. Simulation of plastic leaves, safe and environmentally friendly, hand-installed, colorful, realistic image, no maintenance, four seasons like spring.
  • 3. The trunk of the tree is processed, retaining the natural shape and texture, with clear texture, hand-polished, and beautiful and unique shape.
  • 4. Ceramic pots are fired at high temperature, filled with natural pebbles, smooth surface, thick texture, beautiful curves, classic and elegant shape.

EAN: 7463670450781

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