GreenBrokers 2 x Artificial Premium Quality Topiary Boxwood Ball Plants in Black Pots for Indoor Outdoor Decor, UV Stable (20in/50cm)

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  • Two classically stunning shaped artificial boxwood balls in black pots. With perfect looking topiary foliage and cut into a perfect ball shapes. The pots are filled with concrete therefore stabilising the base of the pot. Premium quality material made from Polypropylene (PP) makes this topiary plant look highly realistic and mimics a Boxwood which is a small leaf evergreen shrub perfectly.
  • No assembly is involved. These plants are ideal for an easy and convenient design option. Plus, they are easy to maintain and clean. While offering a greenery and vibrant view, these boxwood balls save you a lot of time and effort and look good in any space. Topiary is the ancient art form of shaping mainly evergreen trees into architecturally interesting shapes which enhance any landscaped garden.
  • For an extra stylish look, plant the boxwood balls up into large planters or tubs of your choice and colour. Fill the bottom with a heavy material such as sand or stones to prevent the topiary from being blown over in strong winds. Then fill with a material that can be compacted such as ordinary soil up to the level you want the tree to sit in. Place the plant in the middle and fill to the top and compact hard around the plastic pot and the base.
  • The dimensions of this plant are as follows, Height 20in/50cm. Width 12in/30cm. Pot diameter is 10in/25cm and height 8in/21cm. Also in our topiary boxwood range are Pyramid Trees, Spiral Trees and Topiary Cone Shaped Potted Plants in all different sizes.
  • Plant care, the trees arrive in recyclable cardboard boxes. Once out of the box we suggest you leave the plant for a while, so it settles into the best shape. You will need to rearrange the foliage by lightly fluffing the evergreen and teasing it into the shape you want. Lightly dusting is required occasionally. These gorgeous trees are perfect for any home or office décor and place you want to incorporate colour and create a stunning visual display.
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