FiveSeasonStuff 10 Stems Real Touch Calla Lilies Artificial Flower Bouquet, Perfect Wedding, Bridal, Party, Home Office Décor DIY (White & White Pistil)

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  • FiveSeasonStuff Calla Lilies feel and look real
  • 10 pcs of calla lilies per set, choose from 30 colours
  • Size: 34.5cm in length, petal width 5.5cm, made from quality (Polyurethane) PU material
  • Perfect for Wedding, Bridal, Party, Home Office Décor DIY
  • The flowers are hand-made. Each batch of flowers may have slight colour difference. Sealed in FiveSeasonStuff branded packaging
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Colour Name

Aqua Blue, Black, Blue & Purple, Blush Berry Apple, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Dark Blue Violet, Dark Fuchsia, Dark Magenta, Dark Purple, Dark Red, Jade Blue, Joyful Purple Mix (15 Stems), Lemon Pink, Light Fuchsia, Light Magenta, Light Purple, Milky Blue, Nebula Purple, Pale Violet, Pastel Violet, Pink, Posh Blue Mix (15 Stems), Purple, Purple Delight Mix (15 Stems), Rainbow Trio (15 Stems), Red, Stargazer (15 Stems), Sunset, Totally Dark Magenta, Tropical Berry Pink, White & Blue, White & Deep Purple, White & Grey, White & Turquoise, White & White Pistil, Yellow & White Pistil

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