Fake Tree Artificial Tree Faux Tree Artificial Eucalyptus Leaf Tree Fake Green Plants Indoor Outdoor Decorative (Onecolor 130cm)

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Color: Onecolor


  • Home Decor: Decorate your home or office surroundings with this artificial tree indoors. It is a perfect accent piece for any space that needs the warmth and green color that only a tree or plant can provide. Virtually hassle-free, you will never have to worry about dropping of leaves or watering.
  • The meaning of eucalyptus: gift; the flower language of eucalyptus is a gift, which means the gift brought by nature. Memories; Eucalyptus also has a flower language that is memory, which means nostalgia for the past and the life before.
  • Simulated Eucalyptus Tree: (Leaves with clear texture and vein, rich in the shape of real leaves, extremely ornamental) The lush green plants, matched with carefully selected pots, add a romantic atmosphere to the home.
  • The trunk of the eucalyptus tree: (The texture of the trunk of the simulation tree is clear, and the degree of simulation is extremely high; the branches are distinct, resembling a real tree) The texture and craftsmanship of the ingenious hand-made is complicated and time-consuming, and the careful design is only to break the ordinary.
  • This artificial tree is designed with a higher total leaf count per foot, than any other tree of this type. No need to worry about positioning, access to light, temperature, pruning, feeding, misting, re-potting or watering … all the beauty without any of the hassle!

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