Artificial Small Bonsai Artificial Tree Bonsai Chinese Ceramic Flowerpot Simulated Welcoming Pine Potted Plant Clear Lines Simple and Natural Living Room Home Office Bedroom Fake Plant Greenery Decor

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  • Indoor artificial potted trees convey a symbol of harmony, balance, meditation and peace, an ancient Feng Shui art form believed to bring good luck to those who own and care for it.
  • 1. Artificial tree bonsai, flexible design, no maintenance, like spring all year round, and realistic shape.
  • 2. Product size of the simulation tree: 29.92×9.84×22.04 inches (length×width×height)
  • 3. Ceramic base, simulated silicone needles, artistic design concept, with outstanding display effect.
  • 4. The shape of the branches carved by the wooden roots is simple and generous, the lines are full and smooth, and the colors are steady and simple.

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