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  • ARTIFICIAL PINK ROSE TREE (3ft): Add instant colour to your home or garden with this gorgeous artificial rose tree from Christow. Pre-potted with lush leaves and pink flowers, it’s a low-maintenance alternative to a real tree which looks every bit as beautiful and authentic. As well as brightening your home, it’s a gorgeous decoration for restaurants and weddings.
  • UV-PROTECTED LEAVES & FLOWERS: The tree is covered in hundreds of two-toned polyester leaves to give it a dense, lush appearance. Its flowers have also been designed in various stages of bloom for a beautiful, authentic finish. Both the leaves and flowers are UV-protected to safeguard them from discolouration if you’re displaying the tree outdoors.
  • NATURAL WOODEN DOUBLE-TWISTED TRUNK: The rose tree has a double-twisted trunk which is made from natural wood to resemble the trunk of a real rose tree. It also has an artificial vine evenly wrapped around it for added depth and texture. Together, these features help to give the tree a more luxurious appearance than a tree with a plain, straight trunk.
  • PRE-POTTED & WEIGHTED: The tree comes in a plastic pot which is filled with concrete for extra stability. It’s also covered in artificial moss for a natural-looking finish. If you’re displaying the tree outside, we recommend repotting it in a larger pot and firming it with soil or gravel. You should also display it in a relatively sheltered, well ventilated area. The tree weighs 2.75kg.
  • PREPARING THE ROSE TREE FOR DISPLAY: Because the rose tree is delivered in sturdy packaging, the leaves, flowers, and branches may be compressed, creased, and bent on arrival. We recommend gently arranging them to give the rose tree a more natural shape. The rose tree measures approximately 90cm (3ft) tall once fluffed up and made to look its best.
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