Artificial Plants Artificial Maple Leaf Bonsai Realistic Red Maple Ceramic Flower Pot Fake Plant Decoration for Living Room Office and Study Bonsai Pine Tree

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  • BRIGHTEN UP ANY LOCATION: Give your dull, drab office work desk a nice bit of green with this artificial bonsai tree. No sunlight or watering necessary!
  • BONSAI TREE: Enjoy the visual beauty of the art of Bonsai, without any of the hard work, with this artificial Pine Bonsai tree for decorative display.
  • 1. Simulation tree bonsai, flexible design, no maintenance, all seasons like spring, clear texture of branches, vivid and smooth shape.
  • ARTIFICIAL DESIGN: This bonsai tree gives off a sophisticated air without all the pruning and cares traditionally involved with the art of bonsai.
  • 2. Product size: 28.74×28.74×20.86 inches

EAN: 6296613430127

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