4m x 3m ARKMat Ascot 40mm Pile Height Artificial Grass

4m x 3m ARKMat Ascot 40mm Pile Height Artificial Grass

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Brand: ARKMat


  • High Quality Artificial Grass 12600 Density 1.93 kg per metre
  • Great value for money
  • Backrest made from water resistant latex with drainage holes. Ideal for gardens, patios, gardens, etc.
  • No cutting, watering or fertilising. Easy to cut and shape
  • Safe for children and pets

Package Dimensions: 0x0x0

Details: Ascot 40 mm. Ascot is a high density and high quality 40 mm grass range. Technical and quality information: Dtex weed threads: 9000. Total weight including bottom: 1920g per square meter Grass weight without bottom: 590g per square meter Bottom Weight: 1330g per square meter Pile height: 40 mm (+/-1 mm). Hair Density: 12600 wefts of grass per square metre, really high intensity. What does all this technical information correspond to? – – We at Ark want to provide you with all the necessary information about the product. Stitching Percentage – Number of seams for a 10cm x 10cm square Enough self-explanation. The higher this value, the less likely you see the back of the grass mat. Dtex: Dtex value refers to the strength of grass threads. This corresponds to how much weigh a weigh if it was 10000m long. If the grass threads were made of paper or rope, they would have a terrible Dtex value. We are proud to indicate that this value in our product is 9000. Grass weight: the higher this value the product and the better the product. – In production, the back is heavier so it can sometimes mask a low density and therefore a low quality. We weigh both the grass and the total weight separately. Density of grass threads: how many tufts per square metre. Still, the higher the value and the better. At 12600, this product has an exceptional density. Product Features: No need to fill the product with sand. Suitable for children and pets. – UV-resistant. Realistic look Water permeable back Easy to apply and keep clean. Perfect look all year round.