Yucca Elephantipes Spinless Yucca Live Indoor Decorative Houseplant in 12cm Pot

Yucca Elephantipes Spinless Yucca Live Indoor Decorative Houseplant in 12cm Pot

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Brand: GardenersDream


  • Pot Size (Supplied): 12cm
  • Supplied Height (incl pot): 40-50cm
  • Characteristics: Upright shrub, features stiff, narrow leathery leaves. Mature plants develop flower spikes with creamy-white hanging buds
  • Suitable For: Office Plant, Indoor Plant, House Plant, Conservatory Plant, Windowsill Plant; Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift, Retirement Gift, Living Gift, Wedding Gift, Wedding Favor.

Package Dimensions: 0x0x0

Details: Yucca Elephantipes is an upright evergreen shrub with stiff, narrow, sword-like leathery leaves that grow to 1m long. The foliage of this plant lasts all year round and once the plant matures it is often accompanied by flowering spikes that bear large numbers of creamy-white hanging flowers. Yucca plants, unlike some houseplant varieties, love sunlight, so they can be placed in locations that get any amount of sunlight without worrying about scorching or decay, they also love places where there is lots of humidity. This variety should be watered once a week during summer, allowing the soil to dry out a little before watering again, less watering is required in the winter months.

Please Note: When purchasing plants please consider that each live item is unique and may therefore differ from the images shown, which are for illustration purposes only. Depending on season, some plants may be pruned back to encourage growth and deciduous plants may arrive without leaves. Collections or ‘mixed’ listings for plants will be selected dependant on availability and carefully hand-picked to ensure their quality.