Olive 'Olea Europa' Tree | Hardy Ornamental Potted Patio Trees for Small Gardens | Bushy Olea Europaea Plant in Pots | 2-3ft (1 Tree)

Olive ‘Olea Europa’ Tree | Hardy Ornamental Potted Patio Trees for Small Gardens | Bushy Olea Europaea Plant in Pots | 2-3ft (1 Tree)

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Brand: GardenersDream


  • GardenersDream Standard Olive ‘Olea Europa’ Trees are great additions to various themed garden displays. Renowned for their toughness and rugged look, these Olive Trees are freshly grown in Sicily and are kept outdoors all year round to help build up their tolerance to hardy weather conditions – Perfect for the UK climate.
  • Supplied in a 3L pot at a total height of around 75cm (Including pot), this unique Olive Tree can reach ultimate heights of around 5m and spread of around 2m over a 10-20 year growing period. Ideal for small gardens, patios and container cultivation displays.
  • ‘Olea Europa’ Trees will require little maintenance due to their hardy and compact structure. Originating in high temperature locations, the Olive Tree won’t require constant water to survive and grow. Be sure to plant in a free-draining area that will not be subject to getting waterlogged. To achieve continuous growth and hardy foliage, prune back the branch tips towards the later stage of flourishing season (July) to encourage fresh, variegated growth for the following year.
  • Olive Tees are valued all year round for their stunning display of toughness. Emerging in Spring with maturing shades of light green, before changing predominantly green during Summer with the chance of edible olives – if there’s an intensely hot Summer. As Autumn hits, the tree will keep its strong green colours but will be hit with some warm red and orange colours. Then coming into the trees dormant stage over Winter, the warm colours will begin to fade away and begin the cycle all over again.

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Details: GardenersDream Olive Trees has long been favoured and revered for its various uses from the leaves and edible fruit, although in the UK the likelihood of fruit is greatly decreased to the limited exposure to the sun. The Olive tree is a medium-sized evergreen tree and produces lovely, white blossoms. Perfect to grow in small gardens, patios & borders.

The leaves are a duality of colours, with the topside being a delightful green and the underside a silvery-green contrast. As the trees age, their growth and bark often develop a significant amount of character, with each tree developing its own “personality” or growth characteristics.

Please Note: When purchasing plants please consider that each live item is unique and may, therefore, differ from the images shown, which are for illustration purposes only. Supplied pot colour and shape may vary from the listing image. Be advised that during the winter months of November – March, the tree will be supplied in its dormant stage of development.