Monstera Deliciosa | Swiss Cheese Indoor Plant | Air Purifying | Height 70 cm | Pot-Ø 21 cm

Monstera Deliciosa | Swiss Cheese Indoor Plant | Air Purifying | Height 70 cm | Pot-Ø 21 cm

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Color: 70cm


  • ARUM FAMILY – The Monstera plants, also known as cheese plant, are tropical houseplants that originally come from Central and South America and grow along the forest ground and climb the trees. They belong to the arum family (Araceae).
  • AIR PURIFYING – The Monstera is a trendy large house plant that is known for its large and distinctive leaves. With a potted Monstera, you not only bring a tropical atmosphere into your home or office, but you also do something good for yourself: the plant purifies the air!
  • EASY CARE – The Monstera is suitable for darker locations. The ideal temperature is 18-22ºC and you should fertilize the plant twice a month. Water into a saucer. Keep the soil moist.
  • GOOD TO KNOW – The Monstera grows well in humid rooms. Do you want a really nice and big Monstera? Then choose a humid location.
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Details: A tropical climber with holes in its leaves. The Monstera deliciosa is a true Swiss cheese plant. The houseplant brightens up any room. In a big pot, it grows to become a lovely full bush. As a bonus, the plant also purifies the air. This plant requires high humidity levels. Always keep the soil moist, without letting the plant stand in water. Spray the leaves at least once per week. This prevents the leaf edges from drying out. The Monstera is truly an autumn plant, so don’t put it in the sun. A place that’s a bit darker is fine too.