Lvcky 4 Bouquets Realistic Artificial Plastic Plants

Lvcky 4 Bouquets Realistic Artificial Plastic Plants

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Brand: Lvcky


  • 🌱Our artificial wheat grasses are made of artificial, green leaves. Each bouquet is 36.5 cm long and consists of 7 artificial, green stems made of sturdy plastic (flowerpot not included).
  • 🌱The Plastic plants are waterproof and UV-absorbing, suitable for outdoor and indoor use, and are durable and can withstand all weather conditions. No peculiar smell, healthy and green. Comfort your mind, relax your eyes, and help your health.
  • 🌱Artificial grasses is flexible and can be cut to fit your needs. Artificial plants are good for filling empty spaces in a flower bed or flower pot. When the 4 fake grass are put together, they are a whole. Dense, with the artistic conception of a small ecosystem.
  • 🌱Artificial plants are suitable for people who have a busy schedule. They do not need to be watered, cut or cared for.Artificial plants are a charming addition to any place, perfect for your home, office, indoor / outdoor, as kitchen, garden and grave decoration.
  • 🌱After-sales service: If you find problems when using our products. Please feel free to contact us, please rest assured to buy our products, we provide free refund and return service. Strive to provide each customer with the best shopping experience.

Package Dimensions: 40x362x120

Details: 🌱Each stem is straight up, yearning for infinite vitality, providing you with the best vitality every day

🌱Combine with any other plants, it will make your plants look more dazzling

🌱If there are dark corners in your garden, do not grow plants. You can plant artifical plants outdoor there, they can add a lot of vitality to your garden

🌱If you want to grow plants in your house, but your plants are difficult to grow in the house. Or other reasons prevent your practice, you can try to buy some artificial grass plant to realize your idea

🌱Artificial plants are suitable for people with busy schedules. No need to water, trim or care for them. Artificial plants are a fascinating place in any place, very suitable for your home, office, indoor/outdoor, kitchen, garden and grave decoration.

What is the role of artificial plants? Does this faux plants smell? Artificial plants can enable us to live in a better environment and enjoy a better life. As if living in nature. Because the artificial grasses is packed in bags. There may be some smell in it. After you get it, you need to ventilate it in a well-ventilated place, and the smell will disappear soon. They can help you absorb ultraviolet rays and avoid the harmful effects of external ultraviolet rays on you, which is of great help to your health. If there is a problem with the received goods, can you solve the problem? Hello, as long as it is a product problem and provided us with evidence. We will provide you with a free refund and return service. Make sure you have the best shopping experience every time you buy our products. Is this product the same as shown in the picture? Yes, it is almost the same as the product shown in the picture. But there may be a little difference between each fake grass. This is normal. Because in order to let you experience real plants and grass. each fake grass has a different existence.