ARKMat G6-2-3M St Andrews Artificial Gras, 2 x 3 m

ARKMat G6-2-3M St Andrews Artificial Gras, 2 x 3 m

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Brand: ARKMat

Color: St Andrews


  • Looks perfect all year round
  • Easy to fit, no sand filling required
  • Dries quickly after rainfall
  • Suitable for kids or pets to go out and play on without all the mud
  • Child and pet friendly

Package Dimensions: 6x3000x6000

Details: Product Description

St Andrews 6 mm St Andrews is multi use artificial Grass. Technical and quality Information Yarn Dtex: 2200 Total weight Inc. backing: 1000 g per m2 Grass weight not including backing: 450 g per m2 Backing weight: 550 g per m2 Stitch rate: 320 tufts per every 10 x 10 cm square Pile height: 6 mm(+/-1 mm) Tufts density: 80640 tufts of Grass per/㎡ – very high density What does all that technical information mean? Stitch rate – How many stitches per 10 x 10 cm square. Fairly self explanatory. The higher the stitch rate, the less likely you are to see the backing through the Grass. Dtex – Dtex relates to blade strength. It means how much would a blade of Grass weigh if it was 10000 m long. If blades were made of paper they would have a terrible dtex, of rope, terrific dtex. Grass weight – The higher the better obviously. Most sellers will only quote the Grass and backing weight. In manufacturing backing is heavier so can sometimes mask low blade quality and density. We quote both the Grass and total weight separately. Tufts density – How many tufts per square metre. Again the higher the better. At 80640 this range has an exceptionally high density. Product features No sand infill needed Child and pet friendly UV resistant Natural realistic appearance Water permeable backing Easy to install and keep clean Looks immaculate all year round

Box Contains

1 x 2 m x 3 m , St Andrews 6 mm Pile Height Artificial Grass, 1000 GSM, 2200 Dtex, 80640 Blades Per Metre