4ft Premium Quality Artificial Olive Standard Tree (Set of 2)

4ft Premium Quality Artificial Olive Standard Tree (Set of 2)

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Brand: Greenbrokers Limited

Color: Green


  • Extremely realistic pair of two matching olive trees
  • Easy & carefree – no maintenance required
  • Height: 4ft or 120cm
  • Incredibly realistic looking trees – premium quality with real wooden tree trunk
  • Ideal for home, office, shops and bars & restaurants

Package Dimensions: 212x1345x7560

Release Date: 14-08-2014

Details: Product Description

Premium quality 4ft artificial standard olive tree. Incredibly realistic looking trees with real wood tree trunk and small olive fruits. The olives are black and green in colour which is the right colouration for a tree of that size. The trees are supplied in a small brown plastic pot with moss filling. Normally the trees will be planted into a large planter. Use a heavy material such as gravel or sand to fill the bottom of the planter to prevent it blowing over in strong wind. Fill until the tree sits at the required height in the planter and then further fill to the top and firm down around the tree trunk so the tree is securely fixed in the planter. For a stylish finish use decorative stones or wood bark chippings at the top of the planter. The trees look absolutely fantastic either side of doorways, on the balcony or patio and shop or office fronts, bar & restaurant as well as outdoor seating areas. Easy and carefree solution whilst still looking realistic, real and perfect all year round.

Box Contains

2 x Artificial Standard Olive Trees